Canada Honduras Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

Foreign partners must present the original police and criminal record of their country of origin and residence, which are certified by the competent authority. Recognizing the importance of trade facilitation to promote effective and transparent cost-cutting and predictability procedures for their importers and exporters, reaffirming its commitment to respecting the values and principles of democracy and promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , In order to facilitate trade under this agreement and to cooperate in the implementation of trade facilitation initiatives on a multilateral and hemispheric basis, each party implements, as far as possible, its procedures and import and export measures for goods traded under this agreement, on the basis of 2. it grants third-country goods in terms of demand. provisions under Article IX of GATT 1994. 5. The original products in the following products are exempt from the elimination of tariffs in accordance with the “E” indentation category described in Appendix 3.4.1, paragraph 2, point j). However, if Canada meets the “net exit” requirement, the following aggregate quantities are exempt from tariffs in a reporting calendar year and cannot exceed the reported amount for each year for Canada. preferential tariff treatment: the tariff applicable to a native character under this agreement; This chapter applies to the trade of a party, including schedule 3.1 goods, unless otherwise provided by this agreement. In order to promote the modernization of contracting systems and to ensure consistency with the procedural obligations of other trade agreements of the parties in relation to contracting, the parties examine whether one party enters into another international agreement updating contracting procedures and practices and, at the request of either party. , consider whether they need to change this chapter. Cross-border trade in services means services: the small agricultural industry and trade are reserved for Hondurans. 2. With the exception of the provisions of Appendix 4.1, paragraph 1 does not apply to non-native materials used in the manufacture of a quantity of Chapters 1 to 24 of the harmonized system, unless non-native materials are provided in a sub-position other than that of the product for which the origin is determined in accordance with this article.

Masters, friends, engineers and some other sailors must have a certificate issued by the Minister of Transport to be used on Canadian-registered vessels. This certificate can only be issued to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. This chapter applies to health and plant health measures that may affect trade between contracting parties. For the interpretation of the rules of origin in this appendix, free form certification can be used for CAFTA DR producers and exporters as well as by U.S. importers, if they knew that their products complied with the requirements of the CAFTA-DR free trade agreement. For the purposes of position 27.10, the following procedures seek a complex objective: free trade agreements can seem complex and make trade more accessible to all Canadian businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).