Agreement Razorpay

Force Majeure event means any event, regardless of origin, not under the proper control of Razorpay, that Razorpay cannot prevent, avoid, delete or bypass by proper diligence. The event of force majeure includes, but should not be limited to, the acts of God, acts, ordinances, instructions from the government/regulation/justice/quasi-judicial authorities that prevent Razorpay from fulfilling its obligations under an agreement; including these conditions of use, with you, war, hostilities, invasion, armed conflicts, the act of the foreign enemy, embargoes, riots, riots, work stoppages, system failures and shutdowns, revolution or usury power, acts of terrorism, sabotage, nuclear explosion, earthquake, pandemic, epidemic, hacking or people in the midst attacks or other attacks, attacks, attacks, attacks and other natural disasters. This public API was created by Razorpay. The arrival point of the Razorpay API is in You can find the razorpay portal/homepage here. If you need razorpay API support, you can refer to the Twitter account @razorpay. The Razorpay API requires key api authentication. The Razorpay API is not currently available in the RapidAPI marketplace. Click “Ask for this API on RapidAPI” to tell us if you want to access this API. In the meantime, you can see the high-level APIs currently available to developers.

You agree to access (or access) any of the services, other than through the interface provided by Razorpay, unless you have been expressly authorized to do so in a separate agreement with Razorpay. You expressly agree to access (or access) automated usage instructions (including the use of scripts or webcrawlers) and ensure that you follow the instructions in the file .txt existing robot in the services. Notwithstanding other provisions contained in other agreements to which you and Razorpay and/or other third parties are involved, to ensure that we do not violat any rights: that you have in your registration data, you hereafter grant us a non-exclusive, global, permanent, irrevocable, unlicensed right to exercise the copyright, advertising and database rights (but no other rights) that you have in the registration data, in all media that are now or in the future known, with respect to your registration data, only to allow us to use the registration data you have provided us. Anyone who registers or uses the website (even if that person does not use the services provided on the site (“services”), “Seller,” “You” or “Customer” is deemed to have read these Terms of Use (including the Privacy Policy, which will be published separately on the Site) and has unconditionally and irrevocably accepted the Terms of Use described above. These terms of use, as well as the other Guidelines (defined below), constitute a binding and enforceable agreement between the User and Razorpay. These terms of use do not change the terms of another written agreement you have with Razorpay for other services. Violation of one of the provisions of another agreement reached or likely to be entered into by the user with Razorpay; and if you do not wish to accept changes in our use of your personal data, you must inform us immediately that you wish to deactivate your account with us.