Aci Service Level Agreement

Where appropriate, a level of service agreement should be formalized among stakeholders to ensure that expected service levels are achieved throughout the passenger journey, while ensuring that appropriate triggers are provided to reflect growth in demand or systemic changes that affect the overall performance of the airport system. If you purchased a service from a reseller, you will receive a service credit directly from your dealer and the reseller will receive a service credit directly from us. The service credit is based on the estimated selling price of the service concerned, which we have set at our discretion. The “assist window” refers to the period during which a service function or compatibility with a separate product or service is supported. In addition, these guidelines are intended to provide airport owners, operators, regulators and/or service providers with information on the following conditions: ACI`s “Best Guidelines for Airport Services- Airport Service Levels Framework” contains a series of recommendations for the development of a contractual framework for service agreements between airport owners, operators, regulators and/or third parties. This framework has been integrated and referenced in the new IATA Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM – 10th edition), created in collaboration with the ACI. Under this agreement, all parties agree that the ICDS-ACI infrastructure may not be operational during or after a site failure in facilities hosted by computer equipment. In the event of failure during the duration of the agreement, ICDS-ACI will coordinate the restoration of services in accordance with the ICDS-ACI disaster recovery plan. Information about the disaster recovery plan can be found on the ICDS website Many companies do most of their business online and any loss of services can affect their profitability. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and even internal IT services now offer a defined level of service, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to provide their customers with a degree of predictability.

Service credits apply only to fees paid for the service, service or service rate for which a level of service has not been met. In cases where service levels apply to individual service resources or separate service levels, service credits apply only to fees paid for the service resource or level. The service credits granted in one month of billing for a given service or service resource do not exceed your monthly service charge for that service or service resource, if any, during the billing month.